Tandem axle pickup conversion kit

Information about the system can be found in the different sections of this site, and can be accessed through the navigation buttons on the left.

For your convenience, a brochure containing much of this information may be downloaded and printed. The gallery contains an extensive collection of images of past conversions. We also manufacture Trail-a-boota versatile and stylish covered trailer for anything which needs protection from the elements.

Ideal for camping equipment, tools, luggage Locks can be fitted for extra security, and the trailer body can be tailor-built to your specific requirements. Click on the Trail-a-boot image to the left to be taken to that area of our website for more information. If there's anything further you'd like to know, please don't hesitate to contact us personally.

Call or fax us at the numbers listed on our contact page, or us with your questions and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Welcome to Stretchpack! Please report any problems with the site to our.Detroit continues to refine and expand its lineup of axles. New heavy-duty drive technology provides customers with the latest technology to help improve efficiency and performance.

Detroit's latest axle technology facilitates the use of faster axle ratios to support downspeeding, while our latest Axle Lubrication Management ALM system helps drive additional fuel-economy improvements. Detroit is expanding and refining its lineup of axles, delivering a completely new line of heavy-duty drive technology. These new Detroit axles are available in all truck models. Detroit has designed, engineered and manufactured the engine, transmission and axles to work together seamlessly, providing the optimal powertrain solution for your business needs.

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If you do encounter any technical issues, please contact the Software Support Center at or dealer. Weight Ratings 34, lbs to 46, lbs. Warranty Up to 5 years ormiles, depending on truck model and application.

Seal Design Improved seal design for optimal leak protection. Heavy Duty Yokes and Flanges Added robustness to optimize drivetrain performance in down speeding applications. Hypoid Design Achieves maximum balance in fuel efficiency and durability. A variety of faster axle ratios are available, ranging from 2. It pairs perfectly with the low RPM torque curve and direct drive transmission.

This means it can cruise in top gear longer, for better fuel efficiency. They are designed for the life of the axle, with multiple ratings available for tailored weight distribution. Lower engine speeds reduce the number of fuel injections, dramatically improving fuel economy.

Six-Blade Engine Fan: The six-blade fan reduces power draw without sacrificing cooling capabilities. Transmission Integrated Communications Benefits: The DT12 transmission links engine to axles, and communicates with the DD13 and DD15 on an integrated electronics network to share damage-reducing information such as clutch overloading and driveline protection.

Intelligent Powertrain Management IPM : The DT12 uses GPS technology and information from a topographical map to manipulate both engine and transmission functions, taking advantage of the truck's surroundings.

IPM4 refines the parameters of this technology, making the truck even more capable of utilizing its surroundings efficiently.

tandem axle pickup conversion kit

Transmission Benefits: The DT12's direct drive and over drive gearing, along with eCoast, are integrated with the downsped engine — which now idles at a lower RPM when off-throttle — for optimized fuel economy. The Detroit Connect portal will also give you access to new features, such as Remote Updates, and Analytics, available late Here, you can access the full spectrum of online applications, resources and tools you need.

Whether you use DTNA online resources to complete repairs, purchase parts, submit warranty claims, spec new vehicles or track the status of your truck orders, DTNAConnect streamlines the tasks and activities that are part of your daily work routine.This company does not exist anymore. During the years it was in business, it did build 6x6 conversions of various vehicles Dodge, Ford, Jeep, Toyota, …. De suspension setup did depend on the customer requirements.

Some vehicles do have a rear suspension on leaf springs and a central pivoting point load sharingother vehicles do use coil springs of air suspension. The third axle is powered via a second transfer case which is mounted on the second axle, or via a pass-through on the second axle. This vehicle is covered in a number of car magazines. It is built for serious off-road driving and did compete in a number of off-road events.

tandem axle pickup conversion kit

The engine is a Dodge V10 petrol engine. The rear axles have a coil suspension. The second vehicle build bij USA6x6 is a Jeep 6x6, which has 6-wheel steering.

It is also build for off-road competition. Conversion number 3 did also grab a fair share of media attention.

It was displayed at the Detroit auto show. More information on the Wikipedia site. Other more low-profile conversions ware based on Ford F-series pickups, Jeeps and even a Toyota 70 series for a customer in the Middle East. The website link below is a URL at the internet archive. There you can find various versions of the USA6x6 website from tillwhen the company did close its doors. The company starship custom vehicles, does have pictures for vehicles converted by USA6x6 on its website.

It appears they have taken over the conversion business from USA6x6. Conversion nr. This gearset was mounted on the second axle, to power both rear axles.

USA 6x6 Overview This company does not exist anymore. The last conversion was based on a Dodge Mega Cab. Gallery Conversion nr.Parts Finder. Year Range:. Call to Order: Detailed Description:. Intended for professional installation, the kit is bolt on and easy to install. Kit includes directions, new hub and new thick rotor, caliper brackets, remanufactured calipers with stainless steel hoses and banjo bolts, and new bearings, races and seals.

Brake hoses are long enough to fit a 4" lift. You will need 15" wheels to fit over the new calipers.

tandem axle pickup conversion kit

Eliminates uneven braking, common to drum brakes. You will get maximum braking power after about 50 miles of driving. We believe this kit will fit A, B, C trucks also, but has not been test fitted, yet.

This hub and rotor takes the 6 bolt locking hub. There were two front axle shafts that were used by IH in to This kit will not work on the Short axle shaft fronts ends. If your locking hubs are held in place by 6 small allen head screws, this kit will not work for you. These locking hubs were only used from 69 to If your hubs are held in place by 6 regular hex type bolts, you will love this kit.

This is not an issue with front axles used by IH from to A minimum of Not all calipers are gold in color.It all started with a phone call. Entrepreneur and longtime Jeep enthusiast Willy C. While he saw its potential, initially Jeff declined the proposal based on the timeline and other workload. The rear body panels were pulled inward by 1. GenRight Off Road front fenders and custom rear fenders were fitted along with a bulkhead to help enclose the cab section while keeping the body in one piece.

With the body jigged up, the stock frame was extended to accommodate the second rear axle and suspension mounts.

converting to tandem axle truck

From there, the stock 3. Using a Bruiser Conversions kit, they mated the engine to the stock WA five-speed automatic transmission and followed it up with an Advance Adapters Atlas two-speed transfer case that distributes power via JE Reel Driveline driveshafts.

For axles, the Jeep was converted to a front Spicer Ultimate Dana 60 and custom rear tandem Ford 9-inch thru-shaft housings from Differential Engineering. The tub and body panels were sprayed with a rugged aliphatic polyurea liner inside and out before being bolted back on the chassis for the Battle of the Builders at SEMA.

From the custom trimmed Katzkin leather seats to the 9-inch in-dash navigation system to the eight-switch sPOD relay system to control the assortment of Rigid LED lights and accessories, the interior of the Jeep has all the amenities. Forums Photos Videos Industry Videos. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.Clear All. Products Per Page: 8 12 16 20 40 Columns: 1 2 3 4 6. Choose Options Compare. Quick view.

F550 Lariat 6x6 Conversion

Champion's 73'' tandem axle utility trailer under carriage kit includes just about everything you need to get your trailer undercarriage ready to roll. And with our "build your own" trailer kits you can build your perfect trailer. All of the parts in Choose Options Compare Quick view. Qty in Cart: 0. Choose Options. Champion's 73'' tandem axle utility trailer kit includes just about everything you need to get your trailer off the ground and rolling.

And with our "build your own" trailer kit you can build your perfect trailer. All of the parts in our single axle Champion's 89'' tandem axle utility trailer under carriage kit includes just about everything you need to get your trailer undercarriage ready to roll.

All of the parts in our Champion's 89'' tandem axle utility trailer kit includes just about everything you need to get your trailer off the ground and rolling. Champion's 95'' tandem axle utility trailer under carriage kit includes just about everything you need to get your trailer undercarriage ready to roll.

Champion's 95'' tandem axle utility trailer kit includes just about everything you need to get your trailer off the ground and rolling.

Adding your products to cart. View Cart Continue to Shopping.Dismiss Notice converting to tandem axle truck Discussion in ' Trucks and Trailers ' started by muddstopperSep 17, Log in or Sign up. Sign up now! The U.

converting to tandem axle truck

Chamber of Commerce offered guidance on the loan. Click here to learn more. Messages: 2, Messages: Isnt the reason Dodge scrapped the initial TRex design from ever becoming an option on a truck is cause they couldnt get it to turn around a corner with the 4 powered wheels in the back? Let me give a little justification to why I am wanting such a truck. Reason one is it gives a larger hualing capacity to a lighter duty truck Reason two is most of my work sites are just to ruff to take a large heavy truck into.

Having the smaller truck is why I get these jobs in the first place. I had a 2 ton truck and sold it because it just wasnt suitable for this type of work. Reason three is I am getting sick and tired of hooking a dozer to my truck with just 10, miles on it to pull it into places that sooner or later are bound to tear up my truck.

Reason 4 is that using deuce and a half axles would be a lot cheaper and easier, but they increase the weight of the truck considerablely, are all extremly low geared, and require makeing special wheels to mount smaller tires instead of the big military tire.

I think you get my drift. Reason 6, it just plain looks cool. Getting the publics attention is half the battle when it comes to advertiseing.

Having the equipment to actually do the demanding jobs is a big asset. If you were a grading contractor, would you want to hire someone to do your hydroseeding that you where going to have to spend your time, your equipment and your fuel to drag into places that the EPA says you've got x number of days get the erosion control on or else?

It called a competitive advantage, being able to do what your competitors cant. Messages: 1, There are probably a million vehicles or more out there with tandem rear axles.

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