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We offer a large selection of pre-owned genuine vintage watches for salefrom Timex to Rolex and everything in between. We buy watches!

Let us find a new home for your vintage watch. We offer expert advice, honest prices and quick payment for your watches. We are vintage watch repair specialists! We offer watch repair service for your treasured vintage timepiece. From cleaning service to complex watch restoration. Angelus Chronodato Vintage Chronograph. Omega 30T2 Circa Wristwatch Heuer Calculator Chronograph with Original Bracelet.

Heuer Because of the popularity of mass produced quartz watches, most watch companies that produced vintage mechanical watches have since gone out of business. Other companies that were once bold leaders in the watchmaking industry have consolidated and been absorbed into a few large watch houses that share mass produced parts. Unfortunately, they now bear little resemblance to the proud pioneering companies that originally bore their name.

Some are fortunate enough to have antique watches handed down to them as family heirlooms from father to son or mother to daughter. Others seek them out for their vintage appearance and nostalgic charm. Some are drawn to their intricate mechanical workings that control complicated chronograph, calendar, alarm, moonphase or tidal data. Some buy them as quality investments or for their fancy solid gold case design.

Vintage watches afford us the opportunity to wear or collect something truly rare and unique and yet at the same time, magically familiar.

Vintage watches are for those who seek quality, craftsmanship and style as a reflection of a lost era, a lost art. For all these reasons, antique watches are becoming more, and more popular today as people look to the past for something that they cannot buy new at the mega-mall, department store or at Amazon. A passion not only for their design and craftsmanship but for what they represent — a piece of history, a slice of time.

We service all the watches we sell, and each one comes with a mechanical warranty against failure. We also offer a no questions asked 3 day review and return period on all watches. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Welcome to Farfo. Buy Your Vintage Watch. Sell Your Watch.

oceanica watches

Vintage Watch REpair.Each year, NWS collects some 76 billion observations and issues approximately 1. With nearly 4, employees in weather forecast offices, 13 river forecast centers, 9 national centers, and other support offices around the country, NWS provides a national infrastructure to gather and process data worldwide.

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It takes just 12 inches of rushing water to carry away a small car, while 2 feet of rushing water can carry away most vehicles. Show me another fact. Share This. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share by email. Each year, the United States averages some 10, thunderstorms, 5, floods, 1, tornadoes and 2 Atlantic hurricanes, as well as widespread droughts and wildfires. About one-third of the U. National Weather Service NWS provides weather, hydrologic, and climate forecasts and warnings for the United States, its territories, adjacent waters and ocean areas, for the protection of life and property and the enhancement of the national economy.

Environmental Modeling. Lightning safety expert. Decision Support Manager. How are we doing? Feedback opens in new window.The new model joins an existing Pepsi model which came out in Powered by the Caliber 7, the 42mm in diameter, Stainless steel Aquaracer GMT comes with a 3D horizontally striped dial in a sunray brushed blue.

TAG has slotted the Cal. It has; a water-resistance to m, and is fitted with: a screw-down case-back and crown, an AR-treated Sapphire crystal and makes use of brightly glowing SLN on its hands, markers and bezel. Power comes from a TAG Cal. Email This BlogThis! Btw, it has a bigger 45MM brother made from Titanium. Special features include: a sun-brushed blue dial with old-Tritium colored markers, a dark blue alligator strap with contrasting stitching and bright blue lining as well as a special Sapphire crystal exhibition case-back.

If you're a little tired of sun-brushed blue, check out its sexy ceramic sibling PAM with it trendy military green dial. The case-back features a laser-etched wave pattern recalling the Mediterranean Sea while affording views of the Cal. The P. MSRP is approx. I'm definitely getting older or at least maturing like a fine wine cos' these watches are getting more and more appealing.

What do you think? In addition to one or two up-cycled features the Valiant collection is literally brimming with Fire-service inspired details. The beautiful checkered markings printed around the perimeter of the dial are the same markings found on the side of a British fire engine. The crown insert is finished with a William Wood firefighter helmet logo engraving. Something that William Woods are particularly proud of is the fact that they have created a unique strap that uses cast offs from old Angus Duraline British fire hose rubber.

Fire hose rubber is designed to be one of the most durable materials that there is which can withstand extreme conditions. The straps are available in either red or yellow — and apparently you can still smell the smokiness in the rubber! A Limited Edition of pieces, each watch comes with a unique engraving between 1 - on its case-back. This is such a nice way to honor all those brave firefighters who willingly lay down their lives to keep us safe.

While the watch itself is a little generic — albeit in a classic style, it is however packed with tons of thoughtful details that make for a good-looking timepiece.


I love the up-cycling elements in particular the yellow fire hose strap. The choice of movements is welcomed, too. Oh, and another 10atm next time, please! On the bracelet the watch weighs just g or 77g without. The dial is covered with a 3. In addition to the day date window at 3 o'clock on the glossy black or blue dial, the watch has the Trident 3's redesigned handset.Login or Sign Up. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next.

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Tags: None. BP50F homage Comment Post Cancel. Really nice lume on this one ScottyB commented. What better place than here? What better time than now? Very sharp, and sporty! Thanks Mike. Paul M. I will also be sending an email to remind you again Saturday afternoon and Sunday with a link directly to the campaign, as I know many people are quite busy folks! I look forward to seeing you Sunday! Originally posted by darkoverlord View Post.

Feb 7, Watch Addiction Watch Reviews. I am in the process of thinking of another goal and will be announced in a few days! Feb 14, Watch Addiction Watch Reviews. Tempting but 51mm L2L is a bit long for me! Tanks for posting Mike!

Orders in - Everything on Time! Erik Handler Creator March 25, All materials and watches have been ordered and everything will be done on time! No Delays! Thanks for all the support to my backers!

Thanks for the updated information, Mike. All rights reserved. Yes No. OK Cancel.Oceaneva Blends a classic style with modern manufacturing techniques to create something amazing. A M diver watch packed with features and a Swiss automatic movement creating tremendous value that every will love. Months were spent the design and finding just the right factory to build them with precision. For Years. High Grade Steel. Today, Tomorrow or 10 Years From Now.

Rated for an amazing M water resistance. Neptune — God of the sea — was often credited as the God who married the beauty of Heaven with the bedrock of Earth. These professional diver watches are the perfect marriage of high class and durability. Like the excellence of the God from which it was inspired, these Diver watches are of the highest quality — featuring Swiss movements and beautiful designs that even Neptune himself would have been proud to wear.

His eyes gaze into the distance and his body leans forward in anticipation of the adventures that await him out on the high seas. So as he began his own watch company after 13 years of selling high class watches for others, he knew he wanted to make Pro Diver watches that were high quality but at affordable prices.

And every time he thought of the M Diver watches he wanted to create, he kept thinking back to that statue of Neptune and the sense of adventure it always invited. And as such, this watch series will be a limited edition — with only 1, will ever be produced of each model. After 13 years in the watch industry, selling other watch brands to clients all over the world, he decided to start his own brand. His mission is to bring quality watches to the marketplace for watch lovers.

oceanica watches

Every watch he designs will have desirable features and quality build at great price points. Cart 0. Sold Out. Scratch Resistant 4. Water Resistant Rated for an amazing M water resistance. Models Now In Stock Sign up to be notified of specials promotions and new product launches. Sign up to be notified of specials promotions and new product launches.Wishing you and your families my best at this challenging time. It's still difficult to quantify how the current worldwide situation will affect the planned releases since things are rapidly changing.

So, here's a situation report that aggregates all of the most common inquiries I receive and that I may have missed or have yet to respond to : Fairwind: all components completed, with the exception of the micro-adjust buckle. Assembly in Switzerland was planned for this model but that is currently up in the air given their compounding battle with Welcome to !

I'll be catching up on email inquiries over the next week or so and assembling Bronzos to order, so if you already have an inquiry in, you can expect a response soon - thanks for your patience. I think the demand for a second series of the Seaforth B is there, so if you miss out on this run, I'm fairly certain that I'll be proceeding with a second run assuming I can source movements for them. All orders received as of December 5th will be shipped by the 10th Tuesday.

Vintage Watches

There are still bronze Seaforths available mostly blue dialsbut I'll be taking a break from adding new orders as I need to catch up on service work. If you have a watch in with me, thank you for your patience - I will be working over the next few days to get them all out by the end of next week by the 13th of December.

If you sent an inquiry expressing interest in a Cart 0. Search the store. Spread the word.If you are someone that is always looking for the most value or the most bang for your buck when it comes to watches, Phoibos is probably a brand you should be looking at.

As you will see in the specs below, you get a lot of features for that price tag. I would put this one somewhere in the middle of that. The build quality and finishing are very good, but one or two design elements are a little off for me.

At their current sale price, I am probably being overly picky, but that is what I do here. If you want to know more, keep reading. I have two versions there are a few others as well of the Phoibos Reef Master in hand. I asked them to send me one of the stainless steel and one of the PVD coated models.

Both watches are exactly the same, with the exception of the case finish and color combos. After seeing both in person, my choice would be for the non coated stainless version, as it allows you to see the contrast of the brushed and polished finishes better, where the PVD masks them too much. If you like a black watch, nothing wrong with it, I just think the stainless looks better.

Both have sapphire crystals, ceramic bezels, leather and rubber straps and sandwich dials. I was not really familiar with the brand beforehand, except for seeing some posts on Instagram from their page and a few others. Phoibos is out of China, and from what I can tell, majority of their watches are readily available cases, catalog cases as we sometimes refer to them.

I do not see anything wrong with that, especially at this price point. This is great for the consumer, as it allows for a pretty damn nice watch, for what most would consider low cost. On the other hand, I am not sure how other microbrands feel about the low, low pricing. It is said over and over in reviews, but the fit and finish on these watches is impressive. What is fit and finish? Well, its a combination of things, but how the crown and bezel operate, how the case back sits against the case, the fit of the bezel, the hands and markers, etc.

Overall, this Phoibos Reef Master would get a A- from me in that department. I do not feel like I am holding or wearing a cheap watch, at least not when it comes to the case and bezel. The first one, is highly subjective, but I just do not care for the octopus on the dial. It comes off cartoonish to me, and just does not translate to a professional watch.

oceanica watches

It is not just the fact they used an octopus, but the way it is drawn as well. I wish they just went with the brand name and left the octopus to the back there is one on the back as well. The other thing that stands out is the matte dial.

It just looks cheap to me. When doing macro photography on it, it looks like it is made out of black construction paper. Again, this is a inexpensive watch, so there are always going to be a few areas where corners are cut when it comes to a watch priced like this, that offers as much as this does.

On the flip side, it is a true sandwich dial, the hands and markers and bezel insert are filled with BGW9 lume, and you get a sapphire crystal, and a Seiko NH35 automatic movement to boot.

On the wrist, it is very comfortable. The leather straps are of decent quality and the 42X48 dimensions make it great for most wrist sizes. Of course, for some, this will be on the small side, but for those that do not like a big, chunky dive watch, this should work. The included rubber straps that I show in the video are not all that great in my opinion, but they are included, so you do get two straps with matching buckle finish.

One thing I always like to check is how easy is it to unscrew the crown and set the time or date while it is on the wrist; happy to report, no issues with the Phoibos Reef Master in that department. The Reef Master looks great in the dark if sufficiently charged and while the pics below do make it look like a beast in the lume department, it will basically be faded completely in about 2 hours.

oceanica watches

That is still nothing to really shake a stick at though, again, consider the price point and all that is offered.

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