Js filtering library

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Easy list filtering in SharePoint with jQuery quicksearch

If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. This library adds to any html table a "filter by column" feature that enables users to filter and limit the data displayed within a long table.

By default, the script automatically adds a filter grid bar at the top of the desired table. You can download this repository.

TableFilter is available on npm repositoryyou can install it from the command line using the following command:. If you are not using a module system, you can reference the distribution scripts directly in your html pages:. Copy the tablefilter directory under dist and place it at desired location in your project.

Then include the main js file in your page:. Once Grunt is sorted out you can follow the instructions below. Start by installing any dependencies. Check out the online examples or generate the demos locally:. Find exhaustive documentation on the configuration options in the WIKI section.

Autogenerated documentation of the ES6 modules is available on the website: docs. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Sign up. HTML Branch: master.Sorting and filtering are very useful if you have large datasets such as table views, however you can also use them for managing list views e. This article includes 20 Best jQuery Filter and Sort Plugins for developers, following plugins come with number of features and let you easily sort and filter data for your web applications.

Feel free to share your thoughts by posting a comment below. It enables items in a list or table etc. It works with JavaScript templates like Handlebars, Mustache etc. It works in all major browsers.

For non-commercial, personal, or open source projects and applications, you may use jPList for free under the terms of the GPL V3 License. MixItUp is a jQuery plugin providing animated filtering and sorting. It is great for managing any categorized or ordered content like portfolios, galleries and blogs, but can also function as a powerful tool for engaging application UI and data-visualisation.

The examples below should help getting you on your way. The development version is currently 15KB. All you need is to provide the data, and Columns will do the rest. Quicksand is a jQuery plugin for reordering and filtering items with a nice shuffling animation. This is a stupidly simple, absurdly lightweight jQuery table sorting plugin.

As long as you understand basic JavaScript sorting, you can make this plugin do as much or as little as you want. PourOver is a library for simple, fast filtering and sorting of large collections — think ,s of items — in the browser.

Isotope is an exquisite jQuery plugin for magical layouts. The syntax is very simple, but the layouts can be really dynamic and intelligent. And also, there is progressively enhanced for CSS3 transforms and transitions. Dynatable provides a framework for implementing the most common elements out of the box, including sorting, searching and filtering.

Above all, Dynatable is a clean and elegant API that is fun to use. Bootstrap Dropdown Filter is a control for jPList, an open source library for sorting, filtering and pagination. Tablesorter can successfully parse and sort many types of data including linked data in a cell.

A swiss army jQuery table plugin with filter, format, paginate and sort your data with ease and lightning speed.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Filtering SharePoint Object Collections using PnP JavaScript library

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js filtering library

Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit. Latest commit 2b3a53e Sep 10, Common Features Works with any content tables, lists, div elements etc Supports local storage and cookies Has deep links support Fully customizable styles Works in all major browsers Annotated source code Solid documentation Sorting Ascending and descending sorting Sort numbers, text, date and time Sorting with buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdowns and other controls Double and multiple sorting Pagination Auto pagination control Items per page dropdown Fully customizable pagination styles Filtering and Search Multiple textbox filters Multiple dropdown filters Checkbox and radio button filters Button filter controls Range filter controls Examples Cars Demo - pagination control, text filters, dropdown sort, range filter controls.

Mountains Demo - hidden sort control, buttons path filter, buttons range filter, pagination control, text filter. Nature Demo - sort buttons, checkbox text filter, select filter, pagination, text filter, radio buttons path filter and reset controls.

Food Demo - radio buttons sort control, radio buttons text filter control, multiple text filters, buttons path filter, pagination and more. Wallpapers Demo - pagination control, select sort control, buttons text filter control, checkbox path filter control, dropdown filter control. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window.

js filtering library

Sep 7, Mar 27, Mar 29, MIT license. Mar 28, Sep 10, One additional way of doing it is using a nifty javascript jQuery plug-in called quicksearch. Thanks to jankristiansen for showing me this trick. The easiest way to do this is by simply adding the necessary files jquery. As you can see, I add an inputfield, reference the javascript files and finally hook up the inputfield with the quicksearch when the document has loaded.

The quicksearch-method will search in the whole row, i. Note that since this is just jQuery, the quicksearch will only search in the items displayed, so you need to display all items. If you want to do search in a similiar way without showing everything on the page, you should check out SPServices. A better way to utilize this is to create a webpart with this code could be deployed as a sandboxed solution to be able to reuse this functionality more easily.

Your response is cut off, I cannot not find the id. I am using the SharePoint list view web part. Thank you! I got the search to work using your code, but for some reason after it filters my input field disappears from the screen. Any ideas? Looks good, but one question. Does the quicksearch only look for items on the current page?

Suppose I have a list of items at 50 items per page. Will it search the entire list? This quicksearch only works for items on the current page. To filter all items, you would have to do something completely different, e. What if you have 2 list web parts on the same page as the Quick Search?A datagrid library allows manipulating HTML tables with large data sets and provides myriad of features like pagination, sorting, filtering and even line editing for your table.

There are various options available online for adding data grid functionality to your tables, either by adding. For this article I have compiled a list of 13 Best JavaScript Data Grid Libraries for developers, by which they can easily add grid functionality to their tables and can perform several functions like paging, sorting and filtering on large data sets.

Sencha provides a comprehensive solution for building high performing enterprise-grade web and mobile applications. Their high performing grid component is able to handle large data sets and includes features like grouping, filtering, locking, drag-and-drop, paging, pivoting, live data streaming, data export, customized themes and many more. View their interactive grid feature demo and check out their solutions.

Handsontable is your scalable spreadsheet solution for creating awesome apps. This out-of-the-box solution comes with the CLI tool, so you can build out your creation with as many plugins as you want. It supports basic grid operations like inserting, filtering, editing, deleting, paging, and sorting.

js filtering library

It is an advanced component and is going to be a bit more difficult to learn and configure, but once you realize its full potential, it will blow your mind!

SlickGrid has adaptive virtual scrolling, supports jQuery UI themes, extremely fast rendering speed, easy to configure and customizable, and includes column autosizing, grouping filtering and many other useful features. FancyGrid is a complete solution for creating Grids for your web applications. FancyGrid is a grid library which comes with chart integration highcharts and sparklingserver communication and many other useful features.

FancyGrid is a plugin free library and it has no dependency but integrated with jQuery and AngularJS. FancyGrid also includes number of samples, professional support, elegant API and of course detailed documentation for easy use.

The purpose of ag-Grid is to provide a data grid that enterprise software can use for building applications such as reporting and data analytics, business workflow and data entry. Ag-Grid is the result of turning frustration into answers, providing a grid worthy of enterprise development. The w2ui library is a set of interrellated jQuery plugins. It is not a adhoc port to jQuery, but was initially developed with jQuery in mind.

There is no support of other frameworks such as prototype or dojo. The w2layout object allows you to create stretchable and resizable layouts with up to 6 panels. The panels are top, left, main, preview, right, and bottom. You do not have to create and initialize all 6 panels, but only the panels you need in your application. Out of the box w2ui library is all-in-one solution.

You do not need to put together a collection of mismatched plugins to accomplish your goals. Ember Table allows you to handle very large data sets by only rendering the rows that are being displayed.


It is written as an ember component with an API that is easy to understand and extend. It includes lazy rendering and supports millions of rows, has support for column resizing and reordering, and easy to configure, customizable and extendable. With this js grid view component, you can easily create nice-looking, Ajax-enabled tables with rich in-cell editing, built-in filtering, searching, and grouping capabilities.

Smart Rendering and paging support ensure fast loading speed even with huge datasets. Numerous event handlers allow you to add necessary interactivity to the grid. KingTable is a jQuery plugin for administrative tables that are able to build themselves, on the basis of their input data. It supports client and server side pagination; client and server side search; custom filters views; automatic menu to hide and reorder columns and support for custom tools.

Client side export feature into: csv, json and xml formats. Multiple options and callback events are available to fit every situation.

DataTables is a plug-in for the jQuery JavaScript library. It is a highly flexible tool, based upon the foundations of progressive enhancement, and will add advanced interaction controls to any HTML table. This library includes pagination, instant search and multi-column ordering and supports almost any data source like DOM, JavaScript, Ajax and server side processing. Tags: ag grid data grid data sets javascript data javascript data grid libraries javascript data table libraries javascript grid libraries javascript grids large data.Underscore is a JavaScript library that provides a whole mess of useful functional programming helpers without extending any built-in objects.

Underscore provides over functions that support both your favorite workaday functional helpers: mapfilterinvoke — as well as more specialized goodies: function binding, javascript templating, creating quick indexes, deep equality testing, and so on. Enjoying Underscore, and want to turn it up to 11? Try Underscore-contrib. The project is hosted on GitHub. You can report bugs and discuss features on the issues page or chat in the Gitter channel.

Underscore is an open-source component of DocumentCloud. The iteratee is bound to the context object, if one is passed. Each invocation of iteratee is called with three arguments: element, index, list. If list is a JavaScript object, iteratee 's arguments will be value, key, list. Returns the list for chaining. Note: Collection functions work on arrays, objects, and array-like objects such as argumentsNodeList and similar.

But it works by duck-typing, so avoid passing objects with a numeric length property. The iteratee is passed three arguments: the valuethen the index or key of the iteration, and finally a reference to the entire list. Memo is the initial state of the reduction, and each successive step of it should be returned by iteratee. The iteratee is passed four arguments: the memothen the value and index or key of the iteration, and finally a reference to the entire list.

If no memo is passed to the initial invocation of reduce, the iteratee is not invoked on the first element of the list. The first element is instead passed as the memo in the invocation of the iteratee on the next element in the list.

Foldr is not as useful in JavaScript as it would be in a language with lazy evaluation. The function returns as soon as it finds an acceptable element, and doesn't traverse the entire list. If no match is found, or if list is empty, undefined will be returned.Browse the following examples to see TableFilter in action.

This library takes HTML tables to a whole new level :.

20 Best jQuery Filter and Sort Plugins

Import the main js file in your page, from desired location or for example from the default NPM location if you downloaded the package from NPM:. This will expose the TableFilter global function as shown in example below. Toggle navigation TableFilter. Examples Browse the following examples to see TableFilter in action. Auto filter, filter as you type behaviour Custom column filtering Custom filter options Data types, column operations Deep linking Grid layout Grouped headers Linked filters Linked filters with greyed-out options Load filters on demand Paging Persistence Pop-up filters Single filter, exclude columns.

javascript callback functions tutorial

Column calculations Columns visibility extension Editable grid Filters visibility extension Filters visibility extension with external toggle button Selectable grid Sort. Customisation — Styling. Add an extension at runtime Alphabetical pager Conditional cell formatting Custom checkbox selection Dynamically populate external filters Filter and sort column with images. Repo Wiki Docs Donate!

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