2018 hsc general maths

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Thread starter PikyoK Start date Oct 25, PikyoK Active Member. How did everyone go? BLIT The pessimistic optimist. Any surprises that you weren't expecting?

2018 hsc general maths

PencilKC New Member. Overall, it was a pretty straightforward and not too difficult exam. I think i might have misread the New Delhi to Sydney flight time as pm instead of am. One of my students was wondering about the relative frequency question?

Anyone know the answer. It was q26a i believe. I felt good about it until other people started posting their solutions.

Too busy with biology to bother with maths earlier this week. I found all of the multiple choice to be quite easy, but some of the larger questions towards the end of the paper started messing with my sleep-addled brain.

Top 10 Free Online HSC Maths Resources

Bless the person going through my answer for trig, volume, financial expectations and that snow question. On the other hand, it sounds like the 2U kids had a lot of fun Yeah, the exam was pretty good, plenty of curveballs though, but the triangles went easy on us.

Even had time to take a shit in the middle of exam. Overall pretty happy with it, any penalties will probably be from silly mistakes. I found it pretty good. Like it was easier than expectedStudents from Sydney Grammar School have blitzed the first-in-course awards this year, topping 11 subjects ranging from ancient history to Chinese. Four students from Pymble Ladies' College finished first in their courses, while James Ruse Agricultural High School and Abbotsleigh picked up three first-in-course awards each.

As the state's high school class of nervously awaits their HSC results to be released at 6am on Thursday, the NSW Education Standards Authority is celebrating the students who topped a course at a special ceremony in Sydney at midday on Wednesday. There are 92 schools whose students won first place awards for HSC courses in There was equal representation from the government and private sectors, while girls took out three of five science prizes.

Ten Sydney Grammar School students have claimed 11 of the top achiever awards, the most of any school this year. Two of the awards went to one Grammar student, Alexander Yao, who topped both French and German continuers. Credit: Jessica Hromas. Sydney Grammar students also topped English extension 1, ancient history and music 1, while also taking top honours in Italian continuers, Italian extension, Latin continuers, Chinese extension, classical Greek continuers and classical Greek extension.

It is rare for a school to top so many subjects. Last year, four Fort Street High School students picked up six awards, while the year before, Sydney Grammar School again led the pack with seven students topping a subject.

Ten students finished equal first in maths general 2, while the two students who came equal first in mathematics 1, Christopher Ta from Sydney Boys High School and Ze Hong Zhou from St Patrick's College, Sutherland, were both in year This year, six students topped two subjects. One of them was Eliza Fox from Ascham, who led the state in both biology and German extension.

James Ruse Agricultural High School had three first in course awards, with student Raymond Li picking up two of them for maths extension 1 and chemistry. Abbotsleigh student Sarah Chang got top marks in music 2 and music extension, while one of her classmates, Jacinta Lin, topped Latin extension. Students from Pymble Ladies' College topped the state in dance, English as a second language, food technology and agriculture.

John Bivell from Fort Street High School, who led the state in economics this year, also topped the state in Earth and environmental science last year.

The students who topped HSC subjects in the class of The Sydney Morning Herald. Replay Replay video. Play video. Explore the full list below. License this article. Education Schools HSC. Jordan Baker Twitter Email. Nigel Gladstone Facebook Twitter Email.Here are some of the best tips on the web for those who are tackling one of the HSC mathematics courses, this year or next. Whether you are in Year 11 or 12, these websites will help you to do the best you can in your Higher School Certificate.

Education Standards Practice Papers: scroll down to Mathematics and select the course you are taking, then download practice papers. Sometimes teacher resources can also be useful for students. The Talent website has a whole lot of free resources to help you get through your HSC in all subjects, including maths. This directory includes past papers with notes and lots of useful info for students undertaking HSC Mathematics. Inspired has free HSC maths resources.

Students learn in many ways. Fortunately, there are now different methods for learning maths. Eddie Woo is a Maths teacher at a public comprehensive high school in Sydney. Mr Woo began filming his maths classes and adding them to his YouTube channel.

This channel has helped many maths students understand concepts they may not have understood before. His full channel has a wide range of mathematics video training that come from his excellent instructions in class. HSC Mathematics has several options and your choice will depend on what you want to do when you finish school.

If you want to apply for university, it is important to check the required Mathematics level for your ATAR to ensure you comply with the degree entry requirements. The Education Standards Authority page has excellent information to help you select the right maths course for you. Knowing your choices and ensuring you select the right maths course for you, is important. Mathematics can be challenging for many students.

Having the support of a qualified and experienced maths tutor can be an enormous help. A tutor can provide the one on one support that is often not be possible for overburdened teachers to provide. An HSC maths tutor will help you to select the best mathematics course for your preferred degree.

They will also assist you to calculate the ATAR you would need. There are quite a few places you can get practice papers, apart from your school teachers. The more practice you get, the better you will be when it comes to the trial and HSC exams.

You will work faster and more efficiently and know how to correctly present your results when it comes to the final exams. The Sydney Morning Herald has an excellent article providing 5 tips for achieving your best in your maths exam.

Their top tip is to make every moment count, not just in the exam but also in your preparation. Having a well designed study timetable is vital to ensure you leave yourself enough time to achieve the marks you want for your ATAR.

An HSC maths tutor will assist you to stay on target so that all subject areas are covered in advance of your exams.The table shows each question and the criteria with each mark or mark range. Sample answers may also be developed and included in the guidelines to make sure questions assess a student's knowledge and skills, and guide the Supervisor of Marking on the expected nature and scope of a student's response.

They are not intended to be exemplary or even complete answers or responses.

2018 hsc general maths

Use the feedback to guide preparation for future examinations. Feedback includes an overview of the qualities of better responses. Feedback may not be provided for every question.

2018 hsc general maths

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Media Releases. News Stories. Official Notices. Mathematics General HSC exam paper 1. Mathematics General marking guidelines 1. Share this page LinkedIn Facebook Twitter. Write a message. Complementary Content.Did you do well in general maths and feel confident in attempting a higher level? If you are wanting to enrol in a course with the mathematics prerequisite but did not study maths after year 10, you still have choices.

With our shared pool of majors and minorsyou could complete a major that relates to your interests and original course preference. It's important to understand that a prerequisite is different to assumed knowledge and is a requirement to enter the course. To be eligible to receive an offer at the University of Sydney for degrees such as agriculture, economics, commerce, engineering, health, medicine, psychology, pharmacy, veterinary science and science, and some combined law degrees, a band 4 in HSC mathematics or equivalent is a prerequisite.

If you are considering any of these options at uni, we'd recommend taking HSC Mathematics or Mathematics Advanced or equivalentnot general or standard. There are many students for which the maths prerequisites will not apply.

Maths exam walkthrough/solutions: 2016 HSC Mathematics Extension 2 part6/7

Home Study Why choose Sydney? Student life Student news December 04 Mathematics prerequisites: what are my options? University home. Current students. Staff intranet. Type to search. All content. Mathematics prerequisites: what are my options? Ways to get into your dream degree without maths. To prepare you for a changing world, the University has mathematics course prerequisites for some degrees. Courses without maths prerequisites. I am in year 10 and need to make my subject selections It's important to understand that a prerequisite is different to assumed knowledge and is a requirement to enter the course.

When do the mathematics prerequisites not apply to me? Last updated August Maths prerequisites Further details. Upcoming webinars Join us online. Eddie Woo. Education Ambassador and Sydney graduate. But the thing I feel most strongly about, amidst all the futuristic technology, is how mathematics can make us more human. Related articles. We spoke with one of our recruitment experts to find out the top tips for making the most of your UAC preferences. When will I ever use maths?

While it may not feel like it, there is more to maths than meets the eye. Leadership for good starts here.

2018 HSC Answers – Coming Soon!

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New posts. Search forums. Log in. Want some good exam practice before your HSC exams? Register now for the BoS trials in Chemistry! Looking for HSC notes and resources?

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. General Discussion on the HSC. Filters Show only: Loading…. Sticky BoS Maths Trials Trebla Sep 22, 2 3 4. Replies 60 Views 13K. Jul 1, ninjago. Sticky ers Chit-Chat Thread. BLIT Oct 14, 43 44 Replies Views 57K. Nov 6, BLIT Sticky Roll Call: Class of BLIT Oct 15, 4 5 6. Replies Views 15K. Oct 27, eddydundee. Bored of Studies Oct 10, Replies 1 Views 1K. Oct 13, cykablyat.

Replies 0 Views 5K. Feb 23, dan Replies 3 Views Jul 19, Tribunal. Replies 5 Views 1K. Jul 8, nishat1. Replies 42 Views 3K. Jun 30, CherrybombWhile it may take a few months for the official marking guidelines to come out, I have worked through the HSC Mathematics General 2 exam for you to provide you with the solutions early!

These are fully worked solutions for the multiple choice and extended response questions. Note that on some questions, more working may be included than is required. This is just to demonstrate the solutions for students who are not sure how to get the correct answer.

Any needed corrections will be made, noted, and posted on this page. My thoughts on the exam: Overall I think that the had a good balance of questions, and while there were a few tricky questions, as to be expected, overall it was easier than the paper, and more on par with the and papers.

With sufficient studying, students should be able to get a good score on this exam. Feel free to let you know your own thoughts in the comments below! Wondering if you got that one question right?

General Discussion on the 2018 HSC

Wait […]. My current focus is HSC […]. You must be logged in to post a comment. Thanks, someone was distracting me when I was doing that problem haha! I have fixed it, I believe the correct answer is C. This has been fixed, the correct answer is C. Question 26e originally had the wrong IQR, I grabbed the wrong number from the table. Leave a comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Yes thank you, somehow grabbed the wrong number out of the table! I have updated the file.

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